The good news keeps coming!

So not only did Finley do awesome on the conventional vent, but today they decided she was ready for a high-flow nasal cannula. So she has been extubated from the horrible tubes down her throat (apparently Jon helped) and just has a smaller feeding tube that goes down her throat and the tubes for oxygen in her nose. I got to hold her for about an hour and a half last night! She is doing great – all her blood gases have been good – with her first one after being on the cannula with CO2 in the 50s!! Praise GOD!

She is now in a crib and out of the ECMO bed since they aren’t really worried about her needing ECMO anymore (praise GOD again!!) I just got done with holding her for 2 hours and I am just so happy. Feeding is set for tomorrow. Feeling so thankful and overjoyed..listening to her make sounds and try to cry (she won’t be able to really find her voice again until about 24 hours after extubation). I just can’t stop thanking God for this miracle.

Psalm 107:1 “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”


Conventional Vent

I left the hospital to spend some time with Rowan and just got a call from Jon that they are trying to switch her back to the conventional vent right now!! Please pray this is successful and she is ready for this step!

The chest tube is out!!

Making progress!! The chest tube just came out minutes ago and she has had several successful vent weans since my last post yesterday morning. The Doctor S says he may try the conventional vent tomorrow. They have clamped her OG tube (the tube that sucks her stomach secretions) and are going to see how she tolerates that and then the next step will be to take out the OG tube and replacing it with a much smaller feeding tube that will go down her nose and down the back of her throat (much more comfortable) and then we will try breast milk via the feeding tube! I am so excited to see all these positive steps forward and just pray that she just keeps getting stronger and stronger each day.

I counted wrong yesterday – she is 23 days old today!

Not much to report…

Which is a really good thing. She had a stable night – even got down to room oxygen (21%) for a time, but mostly hung out at 25%. She is doing fine at her lower settings – and if all goes well during that day today, might try decreasing again this afternoon. The big activity for the day is around her chest tube that they left in for drainage.. They have switched it from active sucking, to just drainage as needed (water seal) and they are taking an Xray at 1:00.. if it looks ok, they may pull her chest tube today. I am sure she will be happy to get that out!

We got the results from her lung culture and they are not really worried about an infection and she is already on antibiotics. The poop report is still no big poop- but she (sorry for being overly descriptive here, but family wants to know…) has had a few smears – which is a good sign that things are starting to work.

So hopefully another stable day as my baby gains more strength and heals. Just praying for her to keep getting stronger and recover from the surgery and keep up her miraculous HEALING!

23 days old today – thank you God!

Day 2 post-surgery

She is holding pretty stable which is such a blessing! There have been some ups and downs (collapsed upper lobe of her right lung this morning due to blockage – but they already resolved that and it is inflated back up) but everyone seems to be very positive and encouraging about how she is doing for her second day after surgery.  She has been down to as low as 35% oxygen and is tolerating being handled pretty well- which means her PH hasn’t come back with a vengeance post-surgery.  The main concern has been her CO2 levels, which are now being managed well and are back down, so they may start trying to wean the vent back down so that we can try to get back to the conventional vent. The surgeon says that once she starts pooping again they will start introducing breast milk to her – which could be as soon as the next few days!

I know she is still a critically ill baby, but I feel like I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel – and even though I know we still have a long road ahead of us (they say we could still be here another month) I just feel God’s hand protecting us.

Thank you for all your continued prayers, support, and messages – we are so very thankful for everyone in our life and we just feel so blessed. And all those of you that don’t even know us, but have been holding up our family in prayer – I am humbled and moved.  Thank you.