Finley Anabelle Dooley, LCDH Survivor, is going home after 49 days in the NICU!!  One day short of 7 weeks.  So thankful and joyous!! Praise God!!! Longer post to come – eventually. 🙂

7 thoughts on “GOING HOME!!!!”

  1. Miss Finley,
    I’m so proud of you! You have come a very long way in such a short period of time (though I know it doesn’t feel like a short period for your mommy, daddy, & big sis Rowan!). I was thinking about you tonight and wondering if they would send you home to your fabulous mom & dad today!! 🙂 It has been a joy taking care if you and your family. And I couldn’t be more thrilled for you. Keep in touch! Love ya!
    A Forever Finley Fan–
    Jen H. (night shift nurse) 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy Finley is going home….that is where she belongs, with her beautiful family. Enjoy this precious time with her.

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

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