47 Days and some new photos

NG Tube out as of yesterday and as long as she continues to take all her feeds by mouth and keeps gaining weight, then it stays out!! (If you are keeping track that would also mean 2 out of 3 things are being accomplished…) Keep praying that we will be home within the week!!! Some new photos of Miss Finley!!!

6 thoughts on “47 Days and some new photos”

  1. Finley is adorable!! I love to hear the progress she is making….HOME is right around the corner for your miracle. So happy for you and your family!! Go Finley Go!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. Sure hope we will be getting the pictures and up dates from home very soon Finely sure is cute and we love the eyes. Prayer is still coming to you God bless us all.

  3. Love the photo’s…..her eyes are beautiful and your mom looks so happy as well. Can’t wait for your family to be at home w/ all the usual woes of a newborn baby….:)

    You are on the upward swing of things after this long journey of hospitals, docs, surgery, meds, tubes etc. So excited for you all.

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