House Rules….

So I have some bad news for many of you… (Thomas Montgomery, I have stolen some of your post because said it perfectly on your blog, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

As you all know, Finley has an underdeveloped lung so she will be more prone to respiratory illnesses. If she catches a respiratory illness, it would be more dangerous than if a healthy kid got sick. We have been told to avoid taking Finley out in public until the Flu season is over, which unfortunately doesn’t end until April 2011.  Flu season may not have even started yet, but she’s still going to be in the hospital for a few more weeks and then when we get home we still have to be very cautious about her health, and not exposing her to harmful germs too early.

So basically this means that on doctor’s strong recommendations, she isn’t to go out into the public, especially crowded places, including the supermarket, social events, and even to church. Basically anywhere where she would have a higher chance of getting a respiratory illness from somebody else. So she’ll basically be living in a bubble for a while. Sad, but at this point we would hate to jeopardize all the progress we’ve made with an illness that would compromise her already fragile lungs.

Sorry to be strict, but we are going to have to be this way to protect her. When Finley  comes home… Absolutely nobody who has even so much as the sniffles will be allowed to visit.  If you even think you might be getting sick, or have been around sick people – please stay away. Any visitors will have to “scrub down” before coming into the house  and only family will be allowed to hold her right now.  We will be limiting the amount of visitors we have at the house, so if we don’t want to you to visit,  it doesn’t mean we don’t love you, we just need to limit Finley’s potential exposure to germs.  We know no one would knowingly come over sick, but we all know that we are contagious before we exhibit symptoms.  If we sound overprotective, it’s because we are overprotective, and I hope nobody gets offended. Daily, the nurses bring up not taking risks with Finley and how the simplest cold could wind us in the PICU. Even though Finley is having a miraculous recovery, she is still considered to be a sick baby.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way – there is nothing we’d love more than to show her off to everyone we love that has held her so closely in prayer – but that time will come.  On a happy  note – how awesome is it to be planning and thinking about her homecoming??

A good feeding day – she took 50ml from Jon this AM, and then 32 and 34ml for 2 of her breast feedings! She is being more consistent which is great!

6 thoughts on “House Rules….”

  1. Don’t worry about it Liz. I’m sure everyone who has been keeping up on your family and the amazing Miss Finley will understand your need to keep her exposure to a minimum. I am eager to meet Finley, as I am sure others are, but your first responsibility is to your daughter. I look forward to the day when we see her shining face at SS, healthy and out of danger. Let us know if we can help in any way. Whether it’s running errands, bringing food or simply bringing you a much needed Starbucks drink!

  2. What you wrote is so true! You need to keep your miracle healthy the first year as her fragile lungs grow and get stronger. A minor cold to us could definitely put Finley back in the hospital. Another quick tip is to always make the first appointment of the day at the pediatrician’s office and also ask them to put you in a room immediately upon arrival so you are not waiting in a room full of possible germs. A good pediatrician will understand and work with you. It is tough to keep secluded for awhile, but so worth it! Our little ones fought hard to survive and we have to do anything to protect them. That is great news on the strong feeding day!!! Keep up the good progress Finley, for I know home is in your very near future!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  3. Good job, Liz! I’m sure you and your fam will be getting the flu vax, but you may also consider a natural immune booster I’ve recently been turned on to, muco coccinum. The boost in immunity may also be passed along through breastmilk, so Finley could directly benefit from it, too.

    Oh, and a lot of viruses are most contagious a day or two before any symptoms show up, so encourage people to let you know if they come down with anything AFTER they’ve been around your family.

  4. You go mama bear! You are spot on to protect your little miracle. I have been following your updates daily and praying for you and yours. I am sure that everyone understands. I am so glad that you have a beautiful, big home in which to cozy up as a family. Imagine if you were living in a little apt. and had to stay home! You are so blessed- even when housebound. On a practical note- I am sure you know of grocery delivery-they will even just leave them on the door step. Also, I agree with the earlier comment about having the doc room you right away and I know that our office actually has a separate entrance that can be used to avoid the waiting room altogether. The waiting room is a petrie dish! Stay strongh Dooleys. Remember you are on a marathon journey. Praying for you!!!

  5. I totally understand and being a bit of a germaphob myself…..I am in total agreeance (sp?) with you guys and the docs on this. We will just have to do a lot of FB, email and drops to your door. This will be a special bonding time w/ you and Finley (as well as) the whole family. THIS so called “bubble” is also for a reason other than sickness……it will BOND the entire family and your “short term” bubble will be one more big Blessing you will come to appreciate later.

  6. I am sure that at this time we can all be happy with pictures of the best loved baby in the world. We understand your concern and thank-you for protecting her. Our love to you all Lois

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