Feeding update

Quick update.. Finley has been making some good progress on her feeding… it’s funny how when I am not praying about something as much and am “working on it on my own” things seem to stall, but as soon as I give it to God and pray about it more – things start to happen.

Finley took 35ml by bottle at 4:30pm, 40ml by bottle and 10+ml by breast at her 8:00pm feeding, and then at 10:30pm took 65ml by bottle!! Apparently, the nurse made a mistake when inputting the duration on the feeding pump and set her remaining 40ml from the 8:00pm feeding over 30 hours, so by 10:00pm she hadn’t gotten much of it and was STARVING! Hunger is a powerful motivator. Then this morning at 11AM she took 40ml by breast!! Making some phenomenal progress!! I am so proud of Miss Finley!

They have started weaning her Sildenafil and she may be off that (if her body allows) by the time we go home. If she shows any change in her vitals, they will back off or stop the weaning.

4 thoughts on “Feeding update”

  1. Wonderful news!!! Maybe her feeling hungry is helping! That is great she had a good day and praying for more good feeding days. Keep up the good progress Finley! Here is to a strong weekend Miss Finley!!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. That is such wonderful news. You and Finley are in my prayers. I can’t relate to all you have been thru but the feeding situation is all too familiar. That was our issue in the NICU and I remember feeling so frustrated and just wanting my baby home. She is making great strides and I am so impressed both with her and her mama!

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