Another Big Day!

Finley is now breathing 100% on her own – bye-bye nasal cannula! It is so amazing watching my sweet girl breathe without any assistance. They also discontinued her TPN (IV nutrition) and will be taking out her PICC line today! That means a real dunking bath! So excited! She is up to 80ml which is mostly going through the feeding tube – we are still in the 20s for breast feeding and she did take 20-25ml by bottle the other night. She is more interested in breast feeding than the bottle, so the nurses are wondering if she may be the first baby they have seen in a LONG time go home doing 100% feeds by breast.  If she hasn’t progressed by the end of the week, we will have to talk about scheduling a date for a G-tube so that we could go home and continue working on getting her oral feed volume at home instead of having to stay at the hospital.  I am hopeful we could be home in 2 weeks.

Will post some tube-free pictures soon! Thank you so much for the continued prayers. I am so thankful to God for answering them and will be every day for the rest of my life!


3 thoughts on “Another Big Day!”

  1. Sooo happy for you guys~Your baby, as well as, Rowan are and will continue to be the biggest JOY in your lives. She gave us all a big scare, but she has taught us all sooo much about appreciating the small things and putting “our schedules” on hold as our children and faith come first. I have always told you from the start Finley is a miracle…..and I truly believe all babies are-your new chapter in life will start soon and we are all so excited to watch Finley and Rowan grow 🙂 and play together. SISTERS another small blessing in life that will be FUN to be a part of.

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