My little miracle…

The nurses and doctors keep saying how impressed and amazed they are with Finley’s progress, to which I always reply – “my little miracle.” I know I owe it all to God and the countless prayers petitioning on Finley’s behalf.

To think we are just 1 week out from surgery and if you look at her wounds, which have almost healed you would never realize the complicated and serious surgery she went through. She is almost completely weaned from high-flow nasal cannula and has been at room oxygen for 2 days now… They stopped her morphine today and she is up to 15ml for her feeds every 3 hours. They let me breast feed first (a few times she has gotten the full amount from me, so they haven’t needed to feed her through the tube) and then they lavage feed her. They are given me a few more days until we will introduce bottles. She is getting stronger and sucking longer at the breast each time – I am so impressed with her. She continues to amaze me each day.  She doesn’t have an oral aversion- but does have a strong gag reflex. She has vomited a few times, so they are taking the feeds slow and are holding at 15ml for right now. It will take time for her stomach to work properly but all things considered, she is doing far better than anyone expects. She will need to be at 3 oz (150 ml) each feed before we can go home.

Tomorrow she is scheduled for another ECHO to check her pulmonary hypertension. Dr S wants to stop her Sildenafil if they can.


4 thoughts on “My little miracle…”

  1. So good to hear the good news keeps coming!! Praying for good ECHO results & continued success with feedings & medication weanings!


  2. SHE BEGAN as a miracle and will continue to amaze you each and everyday. I am so happy that this amazing good news keeps coming and know that Finley will continue to get stronger and heal. 🙂

  3. What a precious little miracle!! Love the progress Finley is making! Hope she continues making the baby steps in the right direction with her feeds. She is one strong little girl and many continued prayers for your warrior princess! Go Finley Go!!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  4. Hi I am back and so pleased to hear of Finleys remarkable progress. I went to the Cathedral in Maintz and lite a candle for Her (guess it helped) All good things come to those who wait and believe.

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