25 days old

Finley is pretty much at room air (21%) most of the time and they are weaning the high-flow nasal cannula (and she is helping because she keeps taking the tubes out of her nose).  We are about to give her her first sponge bath (she is getting pretty ripe, I must say!) and we had our first attempt at breast feeding this morning. Overall she did really well.. It’s going to take some work helping her to learn the suck/swallow/breathe part – but the lactation consultant  said she is doing really good for her first day.  I was really surprised that they are going to just let us try breast feeding first (no feeding tube or bottle) and see how it goes (she still will have her IV nutrition).  If we have to do the combo bottle/breast that’s fine – but they want to give her the chance to be purely breast if she can. They are weaning her morphine and we are getting more awake time with her.  It’s going to get harder to update the blog because I get to hold her and do more with her – which is so incredibly awesome!! I’ll post a picture of her post-bath…..

I am just so very happy. So thankful for all the prayers and that God answered all of them!


6 thoughts on “25 days old”

  1. Hooray! Hooray! Way to go Finley and Momma! That is so awesome that she got to try her first sips of milk from the breast. What a comfort and special time for both of you. I am all smiles now! Hugs to you all

  2. What an amazing baby you have!!! It is so great that she has trialed off the vent and is doing so well. Way to go Finley! Enjoy all of the feeding/holding time you get while in the NICU. It’s a little different when you get home and have to split your time with big sis!!!! Will keep praying.

  3. What a little fighter, that girl of yours! I can’t believe you were able to try and breastfeed already!!! How absolutely wonderful!

  4. Liz, it must feel so wonderful to hold her in your arms, bathe her, and now even nurse her. Praise God for all these giant positive steps. So happy for you!!! Don’t bother with the blog, just snuggle with that baby all you can. How amazing to have your arms full of your beautiful baby.

  5. I am so happy for you guys…..glad she gets to be “close” to mom and try to nurse…she will catch on soon and get it all down. After all she has been through she will love to nurse and be with mom :)-even if it takes her awhile. She is a miracle like I have told you from the start!! I agree with the other comment “don’t worry about us and the blog”, as you need every second you can get in w/ Finley and can update us later. Lotsa Luv

    Also, let us know if you need anything: another groc run or something? Just shoot me a text if so 🙂

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