The good news keeps coming!

So not only did Finley do awesome on the conventional vent, but today they decided she was ready for a high-flow nasal cannula. So she has been extubated from the horrible tubes down her throat (apparently Jon helped) and just has a smaller feeding tube that goes down her throat and the tubes for oxygen in her nose. I got to hold her for about an hour and a half last night! She is doing great – all her blood gases have been good – with her first one after being on the cannula with CO2 in the 50s!! Praise GOD!

She is now in a crib and out of the ECMO bed since they aren’t really worried about her needing ECMO anymore (praise GOD again!!) I just got done with holding her for 2 hours and I am just so happy. Feeding is set for tomorrow. Feeling so thankful and overjoyed..listening to her make sounds and try to cry (she won’t be able to really find her voice again until about 24 hours after extubation). I just can’t stop thanking God for this miracle.

Psalm 107:1 “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”


7 thoughts on “The good news keeps coming!”

  1. I have tears of joy for Finely & your family as she is progressing so nicely. Please tell Dr Bliss & the team a big thank you from us for all they are doing for Finely & all the CDH babies. I know that she still has some goals to achieve on her way to going home but eveyone can be so proud of what she has accomplished already. I know we are! 🙂

    Prayers continuing!

  2. Amen and praise the Lord again. I am going to work tomorrow(Frankfurt Germany) but Lyle will be here to keep up with your progress. Until I get back take care Lois

  3. Liz,
    Steph sent me the link to your blog. I have been praying and am in such awe of your strength and faith. There are tears in my eyes of joy, for you and your beautiful baby girl and family. My prayers will continue and even though I do not know you well, if there is ANYTHING I can do for you and your family do not hesitate to ask.
    xo, Sara

  4. WONDERFUL YOU GUYS~Prayer doesn’t fail and we are so thankful. I got chills and water in my eyes just reading this post. I know prayer is still needed, but celebrating for you guys. I will see you Liz on WED.

    FINLEY IS BEAUTIFUL and has already served a great purpose (many more to come), but she has taught us all to appreciate small blessings and not to give up HOPE. GOD IS FAITHFUL and TRUSTWORTHY if we cast our fears onto him instead of ourselves.


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