The chest tube is out!!

Making progress!! The chest tube just came out minutes ago and she has had several successful vent weans since my last post yesterday morning. The Doctor S says he may try the conventional vent tomorrow. They have clamped her OG tube (the tube that sucks her stomach secretions) and are going to see how she tolerates that and then the next step will be to take out the OG tube and replacing it with a much smaller feeding tube that will go down her nose and down the back of her throat (much more comfortable) and then we will try breast milk via the feeding tube! I am so excited to see all these positive steps forward and just pray that she just keeps getting stronger and stronger each day.

I counted wrong yesterday – she is 23 days old today!


3 thoughts on “The chest tube is out!!”

  1. Love this positive progression~Finley is doing great and hopefully these positive changes are easing Mommy and Daddy’s minds for now. I know that Finley will have some ups and downs, but before you know it you will be on your way home with Finley in your arms to start your next “family” chapter. Continued prayer for all of you, but mostly Finley to continue to recover. Lotsa Luv Les

  2. YOU GO GIRL !!! That sure is wonderful news just what we pray for keep up the progress and before you know she will be coming home Lois

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