Not much to report…

Which is a really good thing. She had a stable night – even got down to room oxygen (21%) for a time, but mostly hung out at 25%. She is doing fine at her lower settings – and if all goes well during that day today, might try decreasing again this afternoon. The big activity for the day is around her chest tube that they left in for drainage.. They have switched it from active sucking, to just drainage as needed (water seal) and they are taking an Xray at 1:00.. if it looks ok, they may pull her chest tube today. I am sure she will be happy to get that out!

We got the results from her lung culture and they are not really worried about an infection and she is already on antibiotics. The poop report is still no big poop- but she (sorry for being overly descriptive here, but family wants to know…) has had a few smears – which is a good sign that things are starting to work.

So hopefully another stable day as my baby gains more strength and heals. Just praying for her to keep getting stronger and recover from the surgery and keep up her miraculous HEALING!

23 days old today – thank you God!


5 thoughts on “Not much to report…”

  1. Way to go Finley!! So glad she is getting stronger a baby step at a time. Miracles are around us all the time, and your family has been blessed to be right in the middle of one. Sending more prayers..

  2. I am SO happy to here she is doing so well. I want to jump for joy that she made it to 23 days and still thriving (at this age 5 months ago we let Jay go “home’). Soon she will be eating well and telling everyone she is ready to go home :-). Fight Finley Fight!

    Lots of prayers that she keeps getting stronger day by day.

  3. What an amazing little girl! Hoping today continued to be a day of healing and regaining of strength for Finley…and mom and dad as well. Keeping the prayers coming for your family.

  4. Wonderful news post-op!! Go Finley go!! Praying for a great weekend, strong and stable days. Hope you keep seeing those improvements daily and a big diaper full!! I am sure that is coming!

    Miracles are happening around you….cherish that precious warrior princess. Keep fighting Finley!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

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