The Day After

Finley is back on the high freq vent – slightly higher settings now to try and blow off her CO2 levels. Again, they say this is to be expected given the trauma of surgery and this was her problem from the very beginning. So it is natural that we start here again. Nurse Debbie last night said that since we got this under control last time, she would expect that as she settles in and begins to recover from surgery, this should subside again. So prayers for her to continue to stabilize and be able to eliminate her CO2 again. Pray for her body to recover from the shock of surgery and heal. Her right lung didn’t look “too good” on Xray this morning – which I think means it hasn’t expanded yet and started to work, but that can take some time as well.. So we wait.

“Be still….”

4:47 PM UPDATE: Finley has had a pretty stable day and they are pleased with how she is doing post-op. They haven’t had to increase the vent settings any more and she is responding well – her CO2 levels are back in the 60s and her oxygen needs were even down to 38% for a while.  I am hopeful that each hour, each day she just keeps getting better and maybe she’ll be able to get her first taste of breast milk in a few days.

2 thoughts on “The Day After”

  1. We are delighted and very grateful that Finley’s surgery went so well. We have been praying for her and will continue to do so. Congratulations to a beautiful baby girl.

    Ilsemarie and Clint

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