Surgery Day

Jon got a huge surprise when he came back for 8:00 care last night  – they let him hold her! I was SO jealous (but my turn is in about 20 minutes!!) Everything is still a go so far for surgery this afternoon. I know it can be called off so until they actually come and tell us they have started, I am trying not to get my hopes up. I am so thankful for all the prayers that have gotten us this far, and know that there are so many that are continuing to pray to get us through this day and to the other side of this.  More soon, I am just so excited about FINALLY getting to hold my baby!!


6 thoughts on “Surgery Day”

  1. Praying for Finley! Praying for an uncomplicated surgery and praying for the medical team taking care of your little girl. Hope your first cuddles are perfect Liz! Hope to see at the end of the day she has come through surgery and is on the road to recovery!

    Fight Finley fight!! You can do this baby girl!
    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. Love the look on Jon’s face! So happy for you guys getting to hold your little girl and hopefully having this surgery this afternoon! What a strong and determined little girl you have there…not that I would expect anything else 🙂

  3. What a wonderful day , Lyle and I will be thinking of you all day This is a red letter day for Finley God will shine on all of you today. Lois

  4. Dear God I pray this prayer for Liz, Jon and Finley:

    Thank you Jesus, that your Spirit brings such comfort to the heart…please give that comfort unto Jon and Liz today. When they are sad or frightened , remind them that all they need to do is open themselves up to YOU—and YOUR love will wrap around them like a warm, comforting blanket. AMEN.

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