Successful Surgery!

I am overjoyed to announce that Finley’s surgery went really well! The surgeon was able to do it thorascopically and he said that Finley’s vital signs and numbers were really good throughout the surgery.  God is AMAZING! God is good – We are  sooooo happy!

The short version: She had stomach, intenstine and spleen up – but they moved down really easily. Her moderate sized hole was repaired with a plug. She had more lung hiding behind behind the organs – so she has a decent amount of lung!! He thinks she should have a easier recovery because of this, but of course gave the caveat that every baby is different and you can’t predict what they are going to do, but he felt very positive about the surgery and her recovery.

That’s all I have in me for now – I am in shock and overwhelmed with happiness that we have made it through this second LARGE hurdle. I know we still have a lot ahead of us, but I am going to rejoice in all the blessings of today. God has truly met us in this and I have felt God’s love and his promises throughout this journey so far and I know he will continue to be with us. Thank you for all your prayers – you got us through today.  We feel so loved and protected.

UPDATE 10:50 PM – She is doing pretty well, but her CO2 levels are very high (120) so she may need to go back on the high freq vent for a little while. They say this is not unexpected… Hopefully it will be for a short term and in a few days we will be back on the regular…

14 thoughts on “Successful Surgery!”

  1. So happy to hear that the day went well for you and Finley. Great news about her lung! We got similar news when Sawyer had his repair surgery. His ‘nonexistent’ lung unfolded into almost a full sized lung. These babies are full of surprises!! I will continue to pray for her recovery. The pictures of you guys holding her are so precious! What a blessing.

  2. Such wonderful news! It is a very good day for all of you, enjoy the happiness. Take a deep breath, exhale the tension, this challenge has been conquered, take a bit of time to hug & wonder while marveling in the glory of God’s grace & the surgeon’s skill, then get some rest to be ready for the next part of the journey.

    Praying for peace & strength!
    Shelly Moore

  3. That is such amazing and wonderful news! How great that she has a decent amount of lung! I am so happy for all of you!!! Have a restful night.

  4. Wow, praise God! I am so happy for you both that this is now behind you and that Finley did so well! God has answered so many prayers. We will continue to pray that her healing is quick and complete. Sleep well tonight! Lisa

  5. Praying for a stong 48 hours post-op and an easy recovery for your baby girl! Sounds like the surgery couldn’t have went better! She still has a long and tough journey ahead of her, but she should feel a ton better with all her organs back in the right place. Hope her lungs expand and she keeps making progress. Go Finley go!!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  6. I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes (good thing I checked e-mail before I put my makeup on this morning!) when I think about how uncertain everything was on Thursday and Friday and how much God touched Finley and brought her body right where it needed to be today. Praise the Lord. Thanks for keeping up updated! Praying for her recovery.

  7. I was so happy for you guys when I saw the title of this message~we all have been praying for Finley to get through this surgery. I know that the energy and love you guys were able to give her right before surgery blessed her (as well as the two of you). Finley is much stronger than we realize….little Finley continue to be strong and teach us all to continue to overcome hurdles. God Bless and please feel peace tonight as you rest/sleep. Prayer to continue from our home to yours.
    Luv Les

  8. What a wonderful day You are truly blessed Our love goes out to you all Congradulation Finley you are truly remarkable Lois

  9. WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Hope everything keeps going forward swimmingly. Finley has so much love coming her way – and so do her parents. Prayer, and your strength and faith, keep her strong.

  10. Liz,

    I have been stalking your blog since the very beginning. I am so happy for you that things are going well. I think about baby Finley just about every day. I am also so happy for you that you finally got to hold her. What a special day that must have been. My thoughts are with you and your family as you make your way through this. Best wishes.


  11. Praise the Lord for your wonderful report. I have friends here in Mobile, AL praying for you and your precious little girl. With love to you all in the sweet name of Jesus, Jane

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