Surgery: Monday!

We are almost at the 4 hour mark and Dr Bliss called and said we are on for surgery tomorrow afternoon.  She came off the NO amazingly well and with no issues or rebound at all, and has been cool on her side without requiring a ton more oxygen.  So she is ready unless she has a huge fit during the night or morning.

Her surgery is set to start at 2:00 PM, but they will take her earlier so they do all the prep stuff they need to do.

Thank you for all your prayers to this point and we will continue to need them… I wonder if they give Valium to the parents prior to surgery. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Surgery: Monday!”

  1. Praise, God! Great job, Finley!!! I was just thinking about you guys and praying for you. Lots of prayers for a restful, uneventful night and for peace and strength to all of you during and after her surgery.

  2. I will be praying that all goes well during surgery. May the Lord guide the surgeons and those who are helping. May He give you strength to comfort you during these tough times.

  3. In Gods Name, we lift baby Finley to you and ask that you will guide everyone involved with her surgery tomorrow. I ask that you will give them the minds of Christ and the steady hands needed to perform this surgery. I pray that Finley will respond and recover as needed to be held by her mother and fathers and feel each others heart beat as she rests on their chest !! I Pray for Liz and Jon, that you will give them the strength and courage needed to get throught the nexts 24 hours and as they wait during surgery that you will give them the Peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus Name “Amen”

  4. GREAT NEWS~praying and praying. GO FINLEY! Tomorrow is your day to show us all how strong a lil’ one can be (Liz and Jon—praying for courage for you guys). Try to get some rest tonight…..I say rest as I know sleep is almost impossible.

    “Gods light is upon you and your family”

  5. Way to go Finley!!!!!! I am sending ALL my prayers and support to you all. I know this is the best/scariest/longest/craziest day ever but between Dr. Bliss and and little Finley who has shown she is a fighter I have a feeling she will do great.!

    Praying HARD for all to go great and for God to guide the doctors and protect Finley.

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