And one more change…

Apparently she can’t go to the OR being on Nitric, so they need to see if she can tolerate being off that today as well – so the position change test is on hold now, while they try to wean her from the Nitric (which is being used to treat her PH).. Mama is nervous…

UPDATE 3:30 PM – She is off the NO, and they said we would know fairly quickly if she wasn’t going to tolerate being without it (within minutes). It has been over an hour – so I think we are ok… Thank you God!! Up next is the 90 degree side lying test. We should have a good idea by this evening if surgery is going to happen tomorrow….

UPDATE 4:20 PM-  Take 2 Side lying test begins again… so far tolerating it well…

4 thoughts on “And one more change…”

  1. Waiting nervously with you all……praying as well several times today.

    “God is right beside you”……lean on him and of course Jon 🙂

    Luv Les

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