Day 17

So the big test of whether or not Finley is ready for surgery will happen tomorrow- they will need to position her with her good side down (left side up, right side down) ) which will allow the extra organs to put more pressure on her good lung. She will need to be able to tolerate that position for 4 hours before they will take her to surgery since she will need to be in that position for surgery. Dr P thinks she could be ready for surgery on Monday, but Nurse C yesterday said that if Finley is as reactive as she has been on Thursday/Friday that she will not be ready… So I am just trying to pray and if she is ready – great, if not, I know we are waiting for her to be ready and surgery will happen when it is supposed to. They will not take her if she is not ready.

Praise: She has been on lower amounts of oxygen for most of the week  when I got here this morning she was at 25%. Her PH has been “manageable.” She has been very responsive to diuretics and they seem to really improve her, good blood gases for the past several days (meaning her oxygenation and CO2 levels have been good), they haven’t had to increase the amount of Nitric Oxide, and she has been fighting strong for 17 days.

Prayer needed: For her to be able to pass her test for surgery (if it be his will for her to have surgery on Monday), and if not, soon. For her PH to go away or decrease substantially.  For her to continue to be stable and have good blood gases and not develop any complications or go backwards. Wisdom for the doctors, nurses and medical team taking care of her to continue to make the best decisions regarding her care, for her full healing and recovery.  I believe in a God that can do all these things.  For strength for me to continue to work against the fear in my heart.

Finley LOVES being on her tummy now….


6 thoughts on “Day 17”

  1. Praying for Finley! Hope she is able to have her surgery on Monday and she tolerates the position change. I think it is a good sign she likes being on her belly! Stay strong Finley!

  2. I so enjoy these updates as we don’t want to steal your energy by calling you for the updates. I agree with Tracy as I think her tolerating her tummy is a great sign—as well as, many of the other stable improvements. I will pray for Finley’s test and also that the doctors can be blessed with encouraging surgery at the best time for Finley! I know the fear is huge right now and it is hard to give over to god all the worries and anxiety you all must feel, but he is beside you to lean on (and I know you FEEL IT). So many of us are praying for Finley and it is helping….we all must continue to aid you in prayer. Love to you guys and Finley.

    1. Praying for a good day today & a successful day tomorrow! Also in agreement that the tummy postition is a good sign & it also makes for great pictures. Finely is such a cutie!

      Many prayers continuing…
      Shelly Moore

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