Day 16

Miss Finley was being EXTRA sensitive yesterday – she was VERY reactive and did not want to help Dr P help accomplish his goals for the day (reducing Lasix and turning back vent pressure by 1). She made it very clear she did not want to be messed with and by late evening was on increasing oxygen needs. After an X-ray that looked like she might have more fluid already, it was decided to give her another dose of Lasix, increased her settings,  and they took her blood gas at 2:00. Amazingly, her blood gas was still good.  By the time I called at 5:00 she had recovered well and was back to her previous settings and oxygen. Dr P has decided for today to not change anything, she is ok at the settings she is at and if she is this sensitive to fluid that it is acceptable to keep her on the diuretic.

We have a meeting at noon today to talk about the surgery with Dr Bliss and watch a video of a CDH repair.  Still planning on Monday for now, but that will depend entirely on what Finley wants. They could even cancel it the day of if they don’t feel she is stable enough. That gives me comfort knowing that they will not attempt this until they believe 100% that she is ready.

Please also include Baby Christopher Heath and Baby Savannah in your prayers- they are both due very soon.


2 thoughts on “Day 16”

  1. Thinking of the both of you~and praying for Finley to continue to do well so that the surgery can happen on Monday. I know the daily ups and downs are difficult, but Finley is a strong girl who by all means is a miracle. She will continue to light the sky and be a miracle we all watch grow each step of the way. Praying for continued strength and trust in God for the two of you and your entire family during this time.


  2. Saw your post early today but not able to respond until now. I was thinking about Finley all day praying for her as I ran errands. It sounds like she is still heading in the right direction despite the bumps in the road. Slow & steady wins the race! Many prayers through the weekend. Keeping our ears open for all of you if needed.

    Shelly Moore

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