The plan for today

Her early morning blood gas was even better! Now they are saying it is too good and that means they need to lower her settings some and then they will just let her settle in and stay there until surgery. Praising God for this vent change success!! Will probably be speaking with Dr Bliss today, but I think we are “tentatively” looking at Monday for surgery.  She will stay on the NO and Sildenafil and today will be her last day on Lasix.  Hoping her body can get rid of enough fluid on it’s own and she doesn’t have any problems. Dr P is looking for the absence of a negative in going forward.

Praying for; her numbers to stay good (good oxygenation and low CO2) and her settings low (this gives them more room for when they will most likely have to go higher post-surgery), her pulmonary hypertension to go away entirely, for god’s timing on the surgery and doctor performing the surgery (and peace for me to accept that God has selected the right person if it ends up being someone other than Dr Bliss), and  freedom from fear for me.  AND of course, for the surgery to go perfectly and for her to have a miraculous recovery with no complications post-surgery. I know God can do all these things and he has done so much for precious Finley already… .just asking for him to get us to the day when we take our baby home and I can start complaining about lack of sleep from the round the clock feedings, the spit up, million diaper and outfit changes, and all the wonderful things that I will NOT take for granted.

Currently sitting at 28% oxygen!

UPDATED 3:42PM – It took her a while to settle after our 8:00 care, so she has been at 35% oxygen for most of the day since my last post – but that’s ok. Just a reminder that the PH is still there. She doesn’t want me to relax too much. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The plan for today”

  1. Liz, love getting these good news updates! So glad the new vent is going smoothly..can not believe the turn around that has happened in the last few days! God really is so good. Keeping the prayers coming for that sweet baby!

  2. What a great little fighter she is. I can’t wait for the day we hear you complain about being up all night with her feeding, changing a million diapers, etc. either. 🙂

  3. Little Finley has an amazing mommy who is standing in the gap on her behalf. She is blessed to have you as her mom!

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