Day 14….

14 days – I can’t believe we have already been here 14 days. So I have several prayer requests today – They are going to try her on the conventional ventilator at 12:00 PM today and I need HUGE prayers that she is ready for it this time and doesn’t have any problems with the switch. If it doesn’t work, they are going to go back to the high-freq vent and try the steroid treatment (Decadron) and then try again next week. There are also some timing issues at play…  Dr Bliss can do her surgery if she is ready on Monday, but then he goes out of town for 2 weeks and we would have one of his partners do the surgery. I am sure they are all very competent, but it is scary since Dr Bliss is the one we have a relationship with and who comes so highly recommended.

Prayer List:

1. That she tolerates the vent change well and that her oxygen needs do not increase and her CO2 levels do not increase. That we are able to stay on the conventional vent this time.

2. For her CO2 levels to get to the 50-60s range (currently in the low 80s).

3. For her surgery timing – help us have peace with whoever will be available to do it when SHE is ready.  For wisdom and discernment for the surgeon and for him to do it perfectly! For Finley to sail through the surgery and make a amazing recovery.

4. Her miraculous healing and continued improvement each day!

5. Since we are going off the lasix today, that her fluid levels do not start to rapidly increase again.

Though her CO2 levels are higher, they are tolerating them since we have been able to come down on vent settings and oxygen requirements. It is a give and take. I hate it because it just makes me nervous and I worry about it continuing to rise. I am trying to let go and trust. There is so much hope and she is doing so well – God has done so much already and I know he will continue to work here. Fear separates us from where God wants us to be, so I keep trying to focus on all the good that has happened so far and how God is good and he loves us. He is in this with us.  I am so thankful for 14 days.  I am thankful for today.


3 thoughts on “Day 14….”

  1. We will be standing with you in spirit praying for good news. She is proving to be a very strong fighter as are her mom & dad.

    Lifting you up!
    Shelly Moore

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