Small victories….

Last post of the day – Ignoring the news about the ECHO, today was better than yesterday for Finley. Her numbers were really good- and they were able to move the vent settings back a couple times. She tolerated being moved to her belly really well – and was less reactive during hands on times. At one point her oxygen even come down to 25-28% which we haven’t seen for quite some time. It truly feels like she is making progress- just very slowly. Praying that tomorrow is better than today, but thanking God for another good day today regardless of what the doctor said. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Small victories….”

  1. Oh Liz, so glad for some good numbers! 🙂 We will keep praying for sweet Miss Finley and for her continued healing….the doctors have no idea how many people are praying for that little girl!

  2. Praise God…..prayer works and we will all continue for you all. GO FINLEY you will teach us all to be stronger. Luv to you guys and may peace be in your hearts today.

  3. The Doctor just came by and is happy with how her numbers are coming down. What is interesting is that it isn’t because of the NO or the Sildenafil – we all know what the numbers are coming down- because our God is an awesome God! He then said it might be because they are getting the fluid off of her, and I replied – or it’s because of the hundreds of people praying for her!

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