Better than yesterday… 11 days old

You celebrate any victory you can get in the NICU, and Finley’s last 3 blood gases have shown improvement – so I am so very hopeful that they are on the right track and this is what Finley needs to get her lungs to open up more and help with her PH.   I am trying to cling to a phrase a friend passed on, “expect no less than a miracle.”


3 thoughts on “Better than yesterday… 11 days old”

  1. Wonderful news the nitric oxide is helping!! Praying for strength for your baby girl! Loved today’s pics…you have a beautiful family! Praying for Finley’s miracle! You can do this Finley, keep fighting princess!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. I just read through your blog from the day Finley was born through today and it is so conforting to read about your strong faith in God’s healing power. I also have faith that God will heal your daughter. God is healing our daughter who was born with CDH and I know He can heal yours too. I’m praying that the Nitric Oxide will continue to work and that Finley hopefully will not have to endure ECMO. Go Finley!

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