Pray, pray, pray….

Higher numbers today.

I wake up and I pray, I pray so many times through out the day – I am pleading with the Lord on high to save my baby.  She has more air in her bowels which may be contributing to her less than stellar numbers- also may need some more doses of Lasix to get rid of her extra fluid which may also be a factor… Her oxygen needs have been higher and her CO2 is also higher – they are going to adjust her vent again and see if this combination of things will improve her today. Up and down, up and down. All you really want is to see them getting better every day, but that isn’t what you get.  Waiting on God’s timing. Be still. Pray.

10 days fighting!


2 thoughts on “Pray, pray, pray….”

  1. Liz, Jon, and Rowan,
    I hope the knowledge of how many people are thinking and praying for Finley and your entire family brings some comfort. You are wonderful, loving parents who have shown incredible strength and faith throughout the most frightening experience all parents pray they never have to endure. I suspect the hardest part right now is the helpless feeling you have while in this waiting process. Finley feels your love and faith, so you are doing everything possible to help her. Keep the faith and know you are all loved!! The Bakers

  2. Stay strong Liz and Jon. Finely is a fighter and has so many people praying for her. Praying for her numbers to get better soon and give you all continued strength. Sending our love too.

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