Prayer requests

1. That Finley’s Pulmonary Hypertension continues to decrease – as much as heavenly possible!

2. That she tolerates the vent weaning well throughout the week.

3. Surgeon is tentatively thinking next Tuesday for the surgery – wisdom for the perfect timing for her surgery and then for the surgery to go smoothly.

4. No complications – that she continues to hold steady and get more and more stable and strong.

5. Strength, peace, and the ability to completely trust in God for Finley’s health for both Jon and I.

6. The ability to somehow manage both Finley being in the NICU and being good parents to Rowan.

7. Continued wisdom and clarity for the doctors and nurses here…

8. That her lungs are able to continue to grow (expand) and increase in their ability to convert oxygen into CO2.

I know we have an army of prayer warriors out there praying unceasingly for Finley and I can’t tell you how much that means to us.. I feel the spirit of God moving in his people for our little girl and I am moved to my very core. Thank you just doesn’t even seem to cover it.


3 thoughts on “Prayer requests”

  1. Praying for Finley and her team of doctors! You have people all over the world praying for Finley!! Keep fighting baby girl!! Stay strong Liz. Sending you positive energy and thoughts for a good, strong and stable week!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. I will be praying for your family as I’ve asked all my friends on FB to do as well! God is watching over your family!

    “And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.” 1 John 5:14

    ♥Kim Norton
    Houston, TX

  3. We are lifting you all up & praying for all the strength you need. May the bumps be small & Finely continue to get better & better!

    Shelly Moore (CDH Grandma)

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