Back on high-freq vent

They tell me this isn’t a step backwards. Finley let us know that she wasn’t ready for the other vent yet- her CO2 levels just were getting too high so around 11:00 last night they switched her back to the vent that she likes better. She just needs some more time to get stronger and heal… Her numbers are back to what they were, so this is what she needs. They can do the surgery with her on this vent – it’s just preferable for her to be on the other.  just pray for whatever is best for her. I know that God is in control. But it is even harder to let go of all the worry now that she is here.

On a another note- today is Rowan’s 3rd birthday!


5 thoughts on “Back on high-freq vent”

  1. Happy Birthday Rowan~will you be able to break at all today to celebrate with Rowan? She will recharge your energy. I am praying that you are able to get some good sleep or naps so that you can ward off some of your worry. I am up early and just said a morning prayer for you. Luv Les

    Do you need anything? I can run any errand you need….whole foods? Just shoot me a list.

  2. A back and forth to find the right balance is completely normal. It can be discouraging, but Finley will call the shots and let you know what she wants. Stay strong!

    Much love and prayers, Patty
    mom to Charlie, LCDH survivor, 2/4/09

  3. Finely is a strong girl & sometimes even the strong need a little extra help. Praying for her to gather strength & then bound ahead strong!

    Happy birthday to Rowen. She is at a wonderful age!

    Shelly Moore

  4. It definitely is not a step backwords for Finley…she is critically ill and needs that extra support to let her body rest and heal and she doesn’t have to do all the work! There is more support out there that she isn’t using, so she is doing great!! Praying for stable and strong days for Finley. Keep going strong Finley!! Happy Birthday wishes being sent to Rowen.

    Tracy Meats, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  5. Stay strong Liz. Jay went off and on the 2 different vents a few times as well, the doctors told us it was normal and nothing to worry about. I’m glad to here she is stable on the vent she has now as that means she is still holding her own and a great sign. My family and I will keep you all in our prayers. If you need my mom or I to just talk to or anything else to help out let us know we are always open to help.

    Happy Birthday to little Rowan 3 is a great and fun age.

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