Day 2 in the NICU

Finley is holding steady which seems to be a very good thing… Throughout the last 24 hours she has fluctuated between 30-40% oxygen requirements, but all her numbers are holding steady and as the doctors are saying “things are as we would expect them to be” for a baby with CDH. We are waiting (and praying) for her pulmonary hypertension to go down and for them to be able to wean her down from her oxygen and get her back on the other ventilator- so they are definitely steps we are waiting for – but knowing how much worse things could be – we are happy for her to just be taking things slowly. I got to wash both her legs todays (2 separate visits) and Jon got his first diaper change and temperature check.  This morning they had to change her ventilation plate, adjust the tube because it wasn’t in the right position, adjust her PICC line (also not in the optimal position) and then do X-rays to confirm placements. They also were adding a CO2 sticker- still needing to learn how that works. All the medical equipment, jargon, etc is a tad overwhelming, but they tell us by the time we leave we will be experts.

This morning was a little rough since it became official that I am being discharged today and I was pretty emotional about that, but the awesome nurses here are going to let us stay in the room one more night. Sunday I will probably sleep in the NICU if there is an open cot. The thought of not being just down the hall from her is extremely hard. Last night, after I completed my midnight pumping, I went down to the NICU to check in on her. Her heart rate was elevated during that time I was there due to them having to “mess with her” so when I woke up again to pump at 3:00 AM I was able to send Jon down to check on her. When you aren’t staying at the hospital it isn’t the same.  I know this day comes for all NICU moms.

So I really didn’t have anything all that new to post, except for my sleep deprived ramblings – but that is probably the best thing we can ask for.  This will be a long journey- and as the verses command, we will wait for the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 in the NICU”

  1. The day I was discharged was probably one of the worst days of our entire NICU journey for me. And what made it worse was that I did not expect the barrage of emotions that overcame me that day! It’ll be a hard day, but stay strong and remember you have to take care of yourself and get adequate rest too. Taking care of you is the best way to care for Finley right now!

    Much love and prayer, Patty
    mom to Charlie, LCDH survivor, 2/4/09

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