Liz here again… First off I have to say thank you to everyone for your prayers – I had an amazing delivery (even though it did take some time) and Finley is doing well right now and I am just so thankful for where we are right now. They say to take things in small increments because levels that are good now, need to be different in a hour or more – so we are just taking things as they come, but so far we are very pleased with how well she is doing. Her oxygen levels have been really good from the get go – she has some problems with the first vent they put in because she was trying so hard to breathe on her own she was really fighting it and her heart rate was higher than they wanted to see. Also her blood gas levels were in the “just ok” range. Finally around 4:30 this morning they changed the kind of vent she is on and that has made a HUGE difference. This vent works faster and gives her 90-100 breaths per minute and she seems to like that better – they also put her on a morphine drip that has settled her down. Her blood gas levels actually started being “too good” and the doctor said they were still playing with the numbers, but they were very happy at how ventable (not sure if that was the right word – but hey, I’ve had like 4 hours of sleep) she is. She did really well with the change of vent.

It sounds like Dr Bliss, our surgeon is supposed to drop by this morning, but I don’t think her surgery would be scheduled for any sooner than 1 week – the other doctor said typically they don’t do it any quicker because they really want to get the baby as strong and stable as possible and there is no advantage to doing the surgery quicker.

Oh, and HA! We were right- no problem with her size! 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 21 inches! She has some nice rolls on her already – i will be posting a few pictures soon. It only took 5 pushes to get her out!

Prayer warriors – we will need continued prayer for her to continue to improve and get stronger. We need her chest pressure to continue to decrease as she adjusts to being outside the womb (if it doesn’t – this is where the pulmonary hypertension comes in – and there was also some talk about risks of a collapsed lung), that she gets stronger and more stable each hour and that God is comforting her right now. She is very sensitive to stimulation and light still, which is to be expected.  I pray for continued wisdom for the doctors and nursing staff to make the best possible decisions for her care. But most of all – I just praise God for getting us to where we are right now. SO many prayers already have been answered and I am just so thankful for what God has done so far. Even the fact I was able to rest for a few hours last night is huge because I had peace that could only come from one place.


6 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Praise GOD you guys…..I have been praying constantly. As I read this post tears are pouring out as I know God is with Finley and all of you right now. I am so proud of you and Jon, as you are inspiring all of us by your strength and courage. Thanks for the post so we can continue to pray.

  2. Liz, Finley is beautiful!! Praying for strength for your warrior princess and many more stable and STRONG days!! It truly is a moment by moment journey, but hold onto the good from each day. Slow and steady baby steps in the right direction…fight Finley fight!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  3. Just thinking of all of you and will call to check in tonight after your day with Rowan. If you need support tonight or anytime we are just a phone call away day or night !!! My prayers are with all of you.

  4. Wow – that post brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful for where God has brought you and for your willingness to share your heart and your journey with us. Her pictures brings back vivid memories of my 2nd, who spent time in the NICU after he was born. I’ll be praying for Finley’s peace and for your heart as you enter this next phase. One of the hardest things I have ever done was leave my newborn in the hospital in the care of the NICU staff to go home to my 2 year old. I know that anguish and you will be in my prayers.

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