Hello folks, Jon here with my first ever blog posting. We are still in labor and are at 12 hours and counting since our arrival this morning. We have tried several things to speed up the process including some tub time, a method Liz has always wanted to try and was finally able to, as well as stairs, walking, Swiss ball bouncing, etc.

Readings for both girls look good up to this point. Liz is dilated to about a 5 and Finley is at about a -1 position.

We just completed the epidural as Liz is concerned she may not have enough energy left at the rate we are going. Liz was truly excited to meet the anesthesiologist.

We were pleasantly surprised this morning when they set us in a room across from the “Resuscitation Room”, which is where Finley will be taken upon her birth for setting up breathing and food tubes as well as checked out prior to her entry into the NICU. During our previous tour, they thought we would deliver in the Operating Room which looks exactly like what it is. Large lights over an operating table, white walls, a genuinely sterile environment. Instead, we are in a normal Delivery room (#1) and have the normal comforts of said room as well as some we brought from home. Between us we have (3) cell phones, (2) laptops and an ipod. At one point earlier today we actually spoke to one another.

The staff at Emanuel have been very gracious. Our primary nurse, Heidi, has been very helpful and Donna, the head nurse of the NICU, also came and introduced herself and answered several questions. Our doctor, Dr. Lee, would prefer to have Finley delivered  by this evening but ultimately her timing may not coincide with our wishes. Additionally, we have the assistance of Rhonda, our doula, who has greatly helped along with the process.

More to come…


3 thoughts on “Laboring”

  1. I am praying that everything goes well. I pray the Lord gives all of you strength during this time. Remember he is with you through everything!

  2. SOOO exciting!! And Liz is now an official member of the “I HEART Epidurals” club! It sounds like things are going smoothly – as smooth as labor can be after 12 hours anyway. Hang in there Mama Dooley!!
    Jon, you crack me up – you should blog more often! 🙂 Big hugs to all the Dooleys!

  3. If you are in the room I think you are you are lucky to have a very spacious room. The rooms Alicia was in during some of the earlier false alarm trips up were not nearly as big. It was also very nice not to have to be in that sterile operating type room.

    Many prayers are continuing from here in Beaverton!
    Shelly Moore

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