35 weeks, 5 days

I will start right off with the good news… Her growth was 37% this time (up from 31% last time) and they estimate her to be 5lbs 11 oz right now.  Heart looks good, doesn’t seem to be under extra pressure from the organs in the chest cavity, and no fluid accumulation. My amniotic fluid is looking good at 19 which is at the higher end of normal, but not excessive yet. You’d think that my stomach was extra big hearing strangers go – “whoa, any day now, huh?”

Praise God for listening to our prayers, and I just hold steady to believing that all these things in her favor will mean that she will have the strength to fight once she is here and God has plans for my little one.  I will be 36 weeks as of Friday – and I can’t believe that she will be here in 2-4 weeks.  My finish line is approaching and her starting line.

I’m not posting the ultrasound shots because they aren’t very good this time.

Prayer requests:

1. That her lung growth will continue and that we will all be amazed by how much lung she has at birth!

2. That she does not get the severe pulmonary hypertension after birth.

3. No ECMO is needed after birth.

4. That she stabilizes quickly and surgery can happen within days of her birth.

5. That she says in until at least 38 weeks.

6. Prayers for other CDH babies currently in the hospital around the country fighting; Noah, Niklas, and Elijah.

Psalm 34:3 “I sought the Lord and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.”

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