34 weeks

The weeks just keep flying by. I can’t believe that she could be here in as little as 4 weeks.. The NST was uneventful – though it is funny that if they are sleeping, they buzz them with this vibrating buzzer to get them to move around some more.  Basically, they try to annoy them. They said her heartbeat looked really good and they didn’t see anything that was a cause for concern. I did ask more about the growth issue and apparently between the last 2 ultrasounds her growth dropped from a 40-something% percentile to 30-something % (I need Jon to be in these appointments to actually remember things) but they will need one more scan before they call it a trend since ultrasound error can be 10%.. So I am just hoping and praying that it is exactly that- an ultrasound error and not indicative of a trend. Apparently if she drops down to 10%, it will be time to get her out… These are worries I don’t want so I just pray that this is all nothing, or that she catches up this week.  The next ultrasound is next week.

Rowan did the cutest thing the other day.. she lifted up my shirt (which she likes to do a lot), kissed my belly and said, “I love my baby sister.”  There is nothing I want more in this world than for the day when Rowan is able to hold and kiss baby Finley.

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