“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

While on this journey, I have found several other families expecting CDH babies and several of them are due this week and next. Please pray for them and that God will take care of all of these babies.  There are times when I am in this waiting zone that this whole situation is rather surreal – or rather unreal. How is this really happening to us? 12 more weeks of waiting ahead of us.  I think when this will truly get hard is near the end.  As much as waiting sucks, I keep thinking how she is safe inside. Seeing these other families reaching the delivery time and sharing in their journey through their blogs makes this seem more real to me. It reminds me that that too will be us in a few months – and that is when the fear sets in. Dark, twisty, scary thoughts that I try and quickly banish. So I try to put in trust in God and ask him to banish the thoughts that don’t need to occupy any space in my head. This takes a lot of effort- this trying to stay positive and walk in faith – it is not without a great deal of work.

Finley is super active and I love feeling her movements inside me. I am trying to really enjoy every moment of this time and try and be like a “somewhat” normal pregnant person. I think Jon and I are going to try and get a date night in this weekend.  Yeah!

Next week I will update after my usual appointments and meeting with the neonatalogist that is coming over from Emmanuel to meet with us. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  I added a few photos today to jazz up the site a little, and also to put a face on our family for those that don’t already know us… Thank you for your love, support and prayers.


One thought on ““When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3”

  1. We’ve been thinking about you and all the other expecting parents as this week appoached. It is going to be a rollar coaster period on the CDH list but keep strong and don’t let it scare you.

    It sounds like you are doing everything you can for Finely. Try to enjoy these weeks as much as you can and keep writing & taking pictures. You will treasure them so much later. Most important is keep you faith & family close to you. They are what got us through.

    We are keeping you all in our prayers. Feel free to write anytime. The offer is still open if you’d like to meet up along the way.

    Alicia & Shelly
    Mom & Grandma to CDH angel Jayden G. – Beaverton

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