27 week appointment

Finley - 27 weeks
27 weeks ultrasound

Had my 2 week follow up with ultrasound and appointment with my perinatalogist. Have I mentioned that I REALLY like my perinatalogist, Dr Lee. He is awesome. Such a great personality.  He is also a fellow foodie. Nothing too exciting to report, which is good. My fluid levels look good – so far no signs of things that could lead to pre-term labor.  Also, no abnormal fluid build up in Finley which is also VERY good.  We talked again about what to expect at the end and they will let me go until 40 weeks unless she has other plans. The bigger the baby, the better. We talked about whether or not they will give me steroids before I deliver and he says he is going to do some more research on that and get back to me.  Next visit will be in 2 weeks again and this time they will bring over the neonatalogist for me to meet from Emanuel.  The neonatalogists are Finley’s doctors after she is born. After this meeting I will be able to schedule a tour of the NICU so we can start to prepare ourselves for what to expect for delivering and having Finley go straight to the NICU.  I praise God that we aren’t having additional complications and pray that this continues. 13 weeks to go….

3 thoughts on “27 week appointment”

  1. Always interested to read updates! And always praying!

    Have you decided if you are going to breast or bottle feed? My 2nd was in the NICU after he was born and I had a good pumping/breastfeeding experience. If you are interested in more info, let me know!

    1. Yes, I am definitely going to be pumping until I am able to breastfeed her. The NICU does have donor milk too in case I need that until my milk comes in. I would love any tips/advice you might have! Thanks!

  2. I always like a doctor who admits to more research before coming to a decision. Sounds like a great team and partnership with you all. Think of you often – Cheers! Natasha

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