Thank you!!

family photo Wanted to add a very heartfelt thank you to everyone for their prayers so far and for all the love and support as we are going through this. We really appreciate everyone!

One thought on “Thank you!!”

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I remember reading about your family on CHERUBS too. I love reading blogs of people that are currently expecting. There are lots and lots of survivors and angels, but expecting blogs seem to be few and far between!

    I agree that it’s hard to read about the babies that don’t make it, and it seems that there have been so many who have passed recently. I never let go of my hope, but I also don’t want to give myself false hope either. I know that these babies have a purpose here and to accomplish it some will need to stay and some will need to go. Everyone asks me if Elijah will be ok and I really have no answer for them. Their next question is always, “At what point will you know?” This is the most frustrating aspect because it seems like we will never know! I guess when I am at home with my baby I will finally start relaxing.

    And I know 14 weeks seems like an eternity, but I think it will fly by! We’ll be so busy with apointments and ultrasounds and preparing for this that the time will be here before we know it. I only have about 7 weeks left… Scary!!

    Stay strong!


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